Smart Cricket Global LTD brings the next generation contactless motion capture technology to the real game arena. Since, professional cricket has the perfect mix of constants, variables and skills needed in a sport, it offers just the required environment and opportunity to further the mission of bringing a scientific revolution in sports.

SmartCricket aims to deliver complex and comprehensive biomechanics analysis of data through its Visual3D software platform. As technologies evolve, we will further push the boundaries of motion capture capabilities. Stump Broadcast, a smart in-game solution developed by SmartCricket, uses state-of-the-art chipset technology along with precise RF tracking technology to capture all the biomechanical data from the device installed on the player’s bat.

Data collected by the cricket bat sensor is captured in 11 comprehensive parameters which can assist in altering, modifying, changing or correcting the player’s game. Parameters like Bat Speed, Bat Angles, Back Lift, Follow-through and Impact Angles etc. bring a whole new perspective to the game. Not only that, the 3D swing analysis, the shot efficiency, and the ability to study the strokes played from all angles instantaneously is incredible in scope.

Stump Broadcast consists of multiple synchronized Stump Receivers capturing all the data from the player’s bat and sends it to live television in real-time. Stump Broadcast ensures that these Smart Cricket Solution components comply with all the regulations that the game body has in place.

Stump Broadcast can gather biomechanical data during an actual competition in real-time and help in analyzing and evaluating performances, set benchmarks for high performing players, use data for training future champions with benchmarked data, prevent injuries, and monitor for fatigue in-game.


The Batsense, developed by the company, in collaboration with Intel Corporation, was tried at the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 with more than 20 players across 7 teams, allowing the 25-gram chip to be mounted on top of their cricket bat. The result was a data set which indicated the bat speed, follow-through angle and back-lift angle among others. The same data was broadcast globally on television livefeed.

The company is building a data-driven ecosystem that will create a connected community of smart players, bringing fans closer to the game, and redefining the way sport is played, watched, followed and analysed. The Company’s Ambition is to soon get into multisport to leverage data & gamification

Many sports, including cricket, are played with sports equipment or implements, such as a bat, that is swung to hit a ball or other sports implement. There are also many different types or forms of swings that a batter may use to hit a ball or other sports implement with a bat.


Smart Stumps Implemented with data on live television broadcast during the ICC Champions Trophy 2017

Credits ICC

Smart Stumps Implemented with live data during the India vs South Africa Women series at Lucknow 2021

Credits BCCI


Complete 360° Angle view of each shot played. Shows the 3D bat path for each shot from start to finish.
11 batting parameters are tracked for each shot for detailed shot analysis