Abu Dhabi T10: Abu Dhabi T10 franchise Delhi Bulls powered by Smart Cricket Bat Technology

United Kingdom-based sports technology start-up SmartCricket announced on Saturday that it has teamed up with Delhi Bulls, Abu Dhabi T10's premier franchise during the ongoing fourth Season of Abu Dhabi T10.

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Abu Dhabi T10: Dwayne Bravo & co to use bat sensors generating data

Smart Cricket Global Limited, a UK-based sports technology start-up, on Saturday announced their first-ever official technology partnership as they teamed up with Delhi Bulls, a Abu Dhabi T10 franchise during the ongoing fourth season of league.

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BatSense: Revolutionizing the art of batting

Over the years, the game of cricket has undergone startling transformations, whether it be the enhanced equipment on offer or the better infrastructure for players and...

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ICC World Cup 2019 | Cricket Bats Set for Yet Another Revolution..

One would recall technological innovations in the Champions Trophy 2017 revolving around bat sensors that, when placed on the top of the handle, will measure the player's back-lift...

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David Warner using bat 'sensor' to counter opposition threat

The sensor chip is fixed on the top of bat handle. Till the time batsman is batting, the data generated on the chip gets stored in a mobile app through 'cloud storage'...

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MS Dhoni may be off the field but not off endorsements

With speculations surrounding the ace cricketer's retirement, experts opine whether brand Dhoni will continue to sustain...

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Women cricketers score big on brand associations

Ahead of ICC Women's T20 World Cup, brand expert discuss why the tides are turning in the favour of female players...

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How a Bengaluru Firm is Helping David Warner Counter the Jasprit Bumrah Yorker Threat

A Bengaluru based company named 'Smart Cricket' has introduced its version of sensor chip device 'Bat Sense', which Warner has been using to collate data to counter the likes...

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ICC CWC19: Warner to use bat sensor to tackle opposition bowlers

Australian opener David Warner is meticulously preparing for the tougher battles ahead in the World Cup by using a new device on his bat...

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World Cup 2019: David Warner using bat 'sensor' to counter opposition threat

A Bengaluru based company has introduced its version of sensor cap named 'Bat Sense' which Warner has been using in practice to collate...

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2019 World Cup: David Warner using 'bat sensor' to counter Bumrah and co. at WC

David Warner has been using "bat sensor" during the training session, which could help him prepare for opposition's bowling attack throughout...

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ICC World Cup 2019 | David Warner uses 'bat sensor' to counter bowlers

David Warner is reportedly using a 'bat sensor' to have an edge over the various opposition bowlers. The sensor is a device on the bat which stores important data like...

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