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How to Connect BatSense with Smartphone?

On the Home Screen, BatSense icon is placed in the middle, click on it and you will be taken to the Connection page. Here, if you are using the Sensor for the first time, there will be an option to “Discover BatSense”, click on it and register your BatSense Device.

Now, a list of available devices will be shown by their respective names.

Click on Connect and the device will get connected.

Once it is connected, click on the same “Connected” icon which will take you to next page where three options will be listed at the bottom of your screen.


After clicking on ‘Start Session’, an automatic pop-up will appear asking the BatSense to be calibrated. Follow the three steps of instruction that is also read out through audio. Once Calibration is successful, you can click on ‘Start Session’ and start playing.

Start Session

After Registering the Batsense, you can click on ‘Start Session’ and start playing.

Smart Video

Go to the Home Screen and Click on Smart Video and place the phone using a stable stand (tripod etc.) and start recording. Now, your shots will get captured automatically with every shot you play.

3d Analysis

On the Home Screen, you can click on ‘3D SHOT ANALYSIS’ to view live shot parameters and 3D Avatar for every shot played during the session. Using this option will automatically disable Smart Video which means you won’t get videos for shots during which you are viewing live data.

Session Summary & Calendar

You can choose to complete your entire session, then ‘STOP SESSION’ and view the entire session summary through the ‘Calendar’ option. Each session of yours is saved under their respective dates in the ‘Calendar’ section available on the Home Screen at the bottom.

Match Mode & Sync

After turning off the Match Mode, you have to “Sync” all your captured data. This will allow all the data to transmit from the BatSense device to your Smartphone. There is a complete section dedicated to explaining the use and technicalities of Match Mode option. Head over to that section to understand better.

LED Indications

LED first shows the connection status followed by battery status.

Connection Status

White : Not Connected

Blue : Connected

Battery Status

Green : Charge more than 80%

Yellow : Charge between 80% to 20%

Red : Charge below 20%

Session Status

3 Blue Blinks followed by Battery status – Connected but ‘Not in Session’

1 Blue Blink followed by Battery status – Connected and ‘In-Session’

What’s In The Box?

1 - Batsense

2 - Locking Key

3 - Sleeve

4 - Charging Cable

BatSense Product
1 2 3 4

Batsense specifications

Small Size
2cm diameter

Light Weight
20 Grams


Upto 8 hours
of play time

Check battery
status on app


Product information

  • A small highly functional device that can be mounted on the bat handle in seconds and provides in-depth analysis about shots played and thereby subsequently improving performances.
  • Mount on the bat handle and start evaluating shots real time.
  • Dynamic design of the sleeve allows the BatSense to be mounted on all bat sizes.
  • Free App to deliver seamless data on a smartphone.
  • Multitude of training videos curated by experts provides player with insight into improving performances.