Our Road Ahead

More often than not, in sports, when a performance that is extraordinary needs to be expressed, the word ‘scintillating’ is invariably used by all the pundits. As anatural result of our interest in all sport, we attempted to decode the ‘scintillating’ from every performance, its magic moments, its technicalities and the skills displayed by players in achieving the improbable and at times the seemingly impossible. We found that the three ‘I's intrinsic to every ‘scintillating’performance are always to invent, innovate and inspire. They have, since then, become the benchmarks of everything we do.

In our endeavour, to improve performance, to perfect skills, and to create a scientific training/learning of the art of sport play, we went from ushering in cutting edge technology to provide never before solutions and then to inspire even the best players.

It has been a truly scintillating experience, so far. And now that we know how
to create magic, we don’t intend to stop