is a solution. Solution through innovation. Empowering every cricketer to better their individual game. focuses on bringing data analytics to the bare hands of every cricketer. Limitless access to data for every batsman to understand their game in various dimensions. Helps measuring parameters like back-lift, follow through angle, bat speed, impact time and rotation at impact etc.

BatSense is born out of an idea to gain never-before insights into batting. To capture and provide authentic data and information covering every element of batting. Having always associated batting with form, feel, rhythm and flow, there remains a huge need to help batsman understand their game better and become better batsmen. Now, it is possible through our BatSense.

BatSense has been meticulously developed by Silicon Valley’s finest engineering minds from Intel involving research and development worth millions of dollars and which is now affordable and empowering to every batsman. The company is conceptualized and founded by Mr. Atul Srivastava, M.D, is a pioneer, being the first in idea and execution, through developing this with Intel and officially recognised by ICC.

Simply put, BatSense is a motion-sensing, IoT device that strives to be a smart wearable gear becoming synonymous with Cricket equipment in the coming years.


To become the primal point of influence in helping bring technological solutions to the sport of Cricket. To push the boundaries of IoT and smart wearable to the extent it transforms every sport including Cricket while helping the game become universally relevant. To innovate solutions that shapeshift the very nature of training, analyzing and playing Sports.



Pioneer a data-driven sports eco-system through leveraging futuristic technology to help lessen the gap between potential and actual performance and thereby redefine the way every sport is played, watched and analysed.

Our Team

Atul Srivastava


Mr. Atul Srivastava, Founder of is a highly respected, well known figure in the cricketing world. His journey with Cricket started with the launch of India’s premiere sports management agency, Gaames Unlimited in 2005. This was preceded by multiple, high-level executive positions in large corporates including across ITC, HDFC, Tata and Birla among many others.

Mr. Atul has also successfully arranged league tournaments with critical acclaim and recognition. Having managed India's largest pool of cricketing stars, to running bespoke sporting academies, providing strategic consulting services to promoters, sponsors, administrators and sporting franchise owners to running licensing programs for the world's most coveted sporting properties, Mr. Atul has been a flag-bearer of innovation in the world of sport.

Mr. Atul has accrued immeasurable amount of expertise and game knowledge over the years. His opinions, feedbacks are sought after and respected by members of the higher echelons of the entire cricketing world. For over a decade, Mr. Atul has been relentless in his pursuit of excellence, trying always to move rapidly and define the new contours of sports management in India.

This very entrepreneurial spirit and the inventive streak within Mr. Atul has led to the creation of

Having been vocal from the beginning about the need to bring technology to grassroot level of Cricket and be a source of opportunity for every talented sportsman, has risen to be the perfect answer to years long effort to take Cricket to the next level. Change the way it is played, coached and watched. Forever.



Mr. Mohammed Ameen is the Director of ABM Tele Mobiles India Private Limited. Having started operations in 2004, ABM Tele has grown to be a giant in the Consumer Electronic Distributor space in India.

Mr. Ameen is also an ardent cricket enthusiast with significant contributions towards making the sport grow multifolds at all levels, especially at the grassroots level. His vision and dream of enabling cricket as a sport to be accessible by all is what led to the inspiring collaboration with Mr. Atul Srivastava through

Mr. Ameen is a hugely respected businessman in the consumer electronics space with phenomenal expertise and experience in consumer durables, distributorship and telecommunications.

His vision and aim to evolve and persist as a self-made brand with an innovative market approach and strong customer base matches the very same values, motives and intent of

Mr. Ameen brings a wealth of counsel, experience and wisdom to the dynamic board of aiming to transform the way Cricket is played, watched and analysed.




MD. Shahidul Alam Ratan is the Director of He comes with a wealth of cricket knowledge and experience at the highest level. Mr. Ratan is a former Bangladesh Cricketer having represented the country in 1990.

Mr. Ratan is also the CEO and Head of Development with Capital Kids Cricket (CKC) since 2008, a charity based in London set up in 1989. He has been instrumental in establishing and executing strategic partnerships with various cricket organisations including ECB, County Cricket Boards (Essex, Middlesex, Surrey), MCC, Chance to Shine, Lords Taverners and other sports development organisations.

Prior to CKC, Mr. Ratan served as National Coach and High-Performance Senior Coach for Bangladesh Cricket Board from 2001 to 2006. Mr. Ratan was also the National Coach for Malaysia’s under 19 Cricket Team from 2006 to 2008. As Malaysia’s Head Coach, he led the hosts admirably throughout the U19 Cricket World Cup held in 2008.

Mr. Ratan has gained several international cricket qualifications such as ECB Level 3, ECB Tutor, Cricket Australia Level 2 and Tutor. Mr. Ratan also holds an NVQ Level 4 equivalent tutor course in the UK.


Chief Strategy Officer

Mr. Kamlesh is a seasoned professional with 21 years of expertise in wide-ranging areas including Technology, Insurance and Sports Media Marketing.

Battle-hardened with decade long experiences in important commercial positions having excelled in Strategic Initiatives, Client Relationships and leadership development

Mr. Kamlesh excels at tackling challenges and opportunities in a systematic, planned manner. With his strong relationship skills, he has also managed to broker many merger and acquisitions. In this role, he is focused on overall global sales, strategy Planning, sales operations, client relationships, and leading the Over all Sales & Distribution team.

Previously, Mr. Kamlesh was part of Reputed MNCs with the likes of HSBC, Kotak Mahindra, Tata & Many More. He drove solid growth in the company’s digital go-to-market strategy and was charged with leading the entire sales function. Prior to that, he built the digital solution team by commercialising products and significantly grew the company’s Intelligent Insurance Systems.

Mr. Kamlesh also serves as an Advisory Board Committee member for many companies, Driving the Strategy Initiatives, Organisational Development and Leadership Assesment. This included driving sales cadence and rigor to help win strategic relationships.



Board Member

Kalyan Kumar B. (KK) is honorary board member of Mr. Kalyan is Corporate Vice President and the Global CTO of a large Global Technological & Services Company. He leads the Global Cloud Native services and DRYiCE products & platforms.

As a visionary, Mr. Kalyan drives product and technology strategy across emerging technologies. He is responsible for enabling thought leadership, driving the exploration and incubation initiatives with the start-up ecosystem. KK is widely acknowledged as an eminent expert and author in the fields of Business Service Management, IT Service Management, IT Architecture and Cloud Platforms.

Mr. Kalyan is also an ambassador and mentor for next-generation leaders, being a member of the eminent Wall Street Journal CIO Network. KK is again a member of many honorary boards that strive for empowerment and innovation among the next generation of youth.

Mr. Kalyan is also a passionate human being as evidenced by his sheer dedication for various social causes. As a drummer and percussionist with his band, Contraband, he has released many songs underlining all of them with the message of building a sustainable world. He is also a Trustee of Capital Kids Cricket, a charity based out of London promoting school cricket among the underprivileged.

Khushal Khagram


Khushal Khagram, FFA FIPA FTA is the CFO at SCGL. Khushal, has many years of hands on experience in areas of international accounting and finance. Well versed in management, he also has a Public Relations background in the corporate field while being well known for his negotiation competencies.

He has a successful track record of running businesses encompassing aspects like mergers and acquisitions, budgeting, F&A and statutory compliances, and he advises on every aspect of Finance, Tax and Accounting.

His various accreditations and qualifications accord him the status of a senior advisory figure including charging and guiding our company when it comes to finance and its related matters.

His experience in liaising and bringing closure to high-profile deals make him an invaluable asset at our company. Having honed his skills, he also imparts those learning through being a mentor to his associates.



Board Member

Mr. Sibtain Baqri is a vital member of the board at His more than two decade long experience in cross-functional departments including Marketing, Operational Excellence and Sports Management make him an invaluable resource and reliable counsel for the decision-makers at Not least of all, his immense leadership skills as witnessed by his far-reaching network and experience of having led 100 plus member teams make him an indispensable, vital cog of the newly formed board at our company.

Mr. Sibtain has world-class exposure and big-game experience having dealt with absolute royalty across many sports spanning Cricket, F1, Hockey, Badminton, Boxing, Wrestling etc. He has been part of the most prestigious brand building campaigns India has witnessed with being Operational Head for events like Sahara India Sports Awards, Bharati (Stage Musical with more than 300 shows across Europe) and Indian Film Festivals across the world. Pune Warriors India (IPL) , UP Wizards (Hockey), Awadh Warriors (Badminton) are all teams that were headed by Mr. Sibtain which remain as testament to his Operational excellence.

The all-pervasive, all-round expertise of Mr. Sibtain also propelled him to being appointed as an important cog in handling India’s only F1 Team, Sahara Force India.


Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Karan M. Pai is the Chief Operating Officer of His past success and proven meritocracy in operations and back-end management make him the ideal candidate to chart out a successful, self-sustaining operation model at

With over 15+ years of experience in managing cross functional, dynamic roles involving Talent Acquisition, Operations, Customer Relationship Management, Strategy etc. Mr. Karan is a Process and Customer Experience expert and fondly known as the start-up specialist.

Mr. Karan holds proficiency in areas of Operations, Project Management, Financial Analysis etc. He has a respectable meritocracy and track record in setting up operation units and new business verticals. A Self-starting professional with a proactive attitude and the inherent ability to think inventively.

Mr. Karan has been part of many corporate wellness programs and specializes in Organisational Employee Assessments and Improvements. He is also a former National-level Basketball player. He has also successfully published a book, called “Unsaid 50” available worldwide online.